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  • In 2002, Jinan Realglow Company was built in Jinan,China, and had been developed the photoluminescent technology for more than 18 years. Today, Jinan Realglow had offered more than 10 different type photoluminescent products for more than 50 countries around the world.

    Jinan Realglow company meet different customers needs of all kinds of photoluminescent products, we offer the photoluminescent products from glow in the dark pigment to photoluminescent customize design products, we offer the best quality photoluminescent product while staying within your budget.

    The quality of our photoluminescent products checked by our factory firstly and our sales company(for second checking),in order to make each customer to receive their goods with best quality and correct type No.

    Jinan Realglow has good sales team and technology supporting, which could help different customers to use the different photoluminescent product effectively and economically. Our worker will recommend you the most suitable type photoluminescent pigment according to different application, which will save customers’ money and time.