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  • Photoluminescent quartz RGQ-BG-10 performance

    Chemical structure of photoluminescent quartz RGQ-BG-10

    CAS NO:Sr4Al14O25:Eu,Dy,[201426-52-0] SiO2 x[14808-60-7]
    EC NO:Alkaline earth metal aluminate oxide. Europium doped.Quartz
    Formula:Sr4Al14O25:Eu,Dy + SiO2

    Physical and chemical properties:

    It is light yellow color in the day, blue-green color in the night, it is non-toxic, non-radioactive, is not soluble in water.


    Long glowing time, zero energy and environmental material.


    Item Specification
    Day color Light yellow
    Night color Blue-green
    Specific gravity 2.8g/cm3
    Mohr Hardness 5.5
    Particle size 5-10mm
    Glowing time ≥10 hours(DIN 67510)

    Where to use

    Commercial and Residential Interiors Commercial and Residential Exteriors
    Foyers And Halls Coping
    Marble And Recycled Glass Terrazzo Exposed Aggregate
    Stamped Cement Hardscaping & Landscaping
    Bathroom Vanities Pathway Borders
    Epoxy Floors Swimming pool
    Emergency Egresses Side Walks
    Subway Platforms Stamped Concrete Work
    Hotel Lobbies Hotel Entrances


    Hand-broadcasted/seeded onto concrete or epoxy surfaces similar to seeding color flakes and recycled glass.

    Mixed directly into stuccos and overlay mixes.

    Ground and polished to any level of finish from ext. pathway 100 grit to mirror 3000 grit.

    Sealed as you would usually seal your cement/concrete projects.