photochromic pigment - Realglow

PYG-6F Produce glowing film/sheet/paint

  • Photoluminescent pigment

    Product No: 60024

    Type No: PYG-6F

    Glowing color: Yellow-green

    Particle size: 20-30um

    Luminance: 260/35-4121

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  • Specification
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  • Photoluminescent pigment PYG-6F performance

    Chemical structure of photoluminescent pigment PYG-6F

    CAS NO:201426-52-0
    EC NO:416-840-1
    Formula: SrAl2O4:Eu,Dy Composition: alkaline earth aluminate

    Physical and chemical properties:

    This luminous pigment is yellowish color in the day, yellow-green color in the night, this photochromic pigments is non-toxic, non-radioactive, is non soluble in water.


    Long glowing time, zero energy and environmental material.


    Item Specification
    Day color Yellowish
    Night color Yellow-green
    Specific gravity 3.6g/cm3
    Excitation wave length 240~440nm
    Particle size 20-30um(D50)
    Glowing time ≥12 hours(DIN 67510)


    It is mainly used for producing glow in the dark vinyl, photoluminescent rigid sheet, glow in the dark paint, they are best powdered paint pigments.