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RGV-YG-20 photolumienscent yellow-green paint

  • Photoluminescent paint

    Product No: 60701

    Type No: RGV-YG-30

    Glowing color: Yellow-green

    Luminance: 210/28-2612

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  • Specification
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  • Chemical structure of photoluminescent paint RGV-YG-30

    CAS NO: MO.Al2O3: Eu [201426-52-0] C3H4O2 [79-10-7]
    Chemical Family Name: Alkaline earth metal aluminate oxide. Europium doped. Water base Acrylic acid
    Formula: MO.Al2O3: Eu + C3H4O2

    Physical and chemical properties:

    It is light yellow color in the day, yellow-green color in the night, this fluorescent paint is non-toxic, non-radioactive, is not soluble in water.


    Long glowing time, zero energy and environmental material.


    Item Specification
    Body color Light yellow
    Night color Yellow green
    Specific gravity 1.45g/cm3
    Film thickness(per coat) WET 200 microns
    RT 100 microns
    Spreading rate(per coat) 15.00 sq. metres per kg theoretical
    3-4 sq. metres per kg practical
    Application Brush or roller
    Drying time @20℃(per coat) Surface Dry 1-2hours
    Hard Dry 8-16hours
    Recoat 6-48 hours
    Finish Low sheen yellow


    Realglow photoluminescent paint is not pigment paint, glow dark for 20 hours, they can be brushed or rolled directly onto concrete, wood, metal, or painted surfaces.

    -Paint the white coat as background in order to get the best effects.

    -The thicker (to a point) the layer of Glow Paint will produce longer and brighter luminosity, and thickness of glowing layer should be 200um at least.

    -The glow paint should be evenly stirred before using, add some clean water if it is too sticky.